Jazz Hands Glasgow Productions 

We are a Community Run Theatre Group based in Glasgow, UK.
We host Weekly Workshops & Yearly Theatre Performances.
We have something for everyone who loves performing.

Membership and participation fees are low and only pay for a small portion of running costs 
and does not fund our many productions. 


Here are some ways you can support us:
We really do need your support
£5 could allow someone over 18 years old to attend one of our weekly sessions.
£10 could allow us to purchase a prop or item of costume for an up and coming production. 
£20 would allow someone over 18 years old to attend our weekly sessions (4 sessions) for 1 month
£80 Would allow us to run our group sessions for 4 Evenings  ( 1 Month) - Venue Hire.
£100 could allow us to print posters / leaflets to help us promote our group or an up and coming productions.
£5,000 could enable us to put on productions for the community.


Visit our Advertising page for more information on our advertising opportunities

We would like to Thank the following organisations who have supported us in anyway
since we have launched.

Imagine That Performing Arts in Airdrie

Project Theatre in Grangemouth

Young Portonian Theatre Company in Grangemouth

What's On Glasgow

What's On Renfrewshire

Renfrewshire Live (Paisley Daily Express)

People Make Glasgow

What's On Scotland

TESCO, Rutherglen

Jamie O'Rourke Arts

Scottish Community Arts

Scottish Community Drama Association 

Susan Wales

Friends and Family of the Company