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Alice in Weegieland - Review - Sunday 10th December 2017

Posted by Andrew McVie on December 11, 2017 at 8:35 AM

Alice in Weegieland – Tron Theatre, Glasgow Review by Andrew McVie

4 out of 5 star show

Alice in Weegieland is written by the talented Johnny McKnight and is brought to life with new and past favourite Tron Pantomime stars. Darren Brownlie (Actor and Dancer) and Julie Nimmo – best known for her role in the Cbeebies show Balamory) and making his pantomime debut, Scott Fletcher whom made a name for himself in Gary Tank Commander and River City. They are also joined by a few other talented actors.

“Alice in Weegieland” is not your traditional fairy-tale but in fact a Pantomime and there’s not a white rabbit in sight!.... this adventure takes you to Weggieland aka Glasgow.... where Alice, a want to be dancer, joined by a Glaswegian Rat make their way through Weegieland, ‘Alice is bored! All this talk of Brexit, Trump and yet another series of Celebrity Big Brother is beyond depressing. And then if things weren't bad enough she has her ballet exam today and can't remember the difference between good toes and naughty toes! Alice decides to skip the exam and follow a mysterious man speaking an incomprehensible language (that's the Glesga-banter tae you and me) down a rabbit hole and finds herself awakening in….. Weegieland. Alice meets an array of characters, be sure to look out for Darren Brownlie Villainous character, (Dame) Queen of Hearts with a pair of legs that many a woman would die to have. He was scary and funny all in one and is also a great dancer. Special mention goes to the lovely audience who cheered and booed throughout the show and also to the children in the front seats who danced and cheered loudly. You could see on the actors faces that they loved seeing the kids enjoying themselves.

This Panto runs until 7th January and I would encourage everyone to go along and watch the show. Not many tickets left.


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