Jazz Hands Glasgow Productions 

We are a Community Run Theatre Group based in Glasgow, UK.
We host Weekly Workshops & Yearly Theatre Performances.
We have something for everyone who loves performing.

About Jazz Hands Glasgow

We are a Community Theatre Group who's aim is to promote adult involvement in the creative and performing arts across 

the Glasgow area through workshops and productions.Under the artistic direction of our founder Andrew McVie. 

The company has a committed following and is always seeking to build on this audience through innovative audience development and educational work.

Founded in 2010

Jazz Hands Scotland launched 4th March 2010 with the aim to promote the Creative and Performing Arts across Scotland through FREE Advertising on 

Social Media Platforms.

June 2018

Our very own Theatre Group launched under the name Jazz Hands Scotland Productions. It launched at Theatre Nemo in Glasgow and we began rehersals for our first ever show. 

August 2018

After some fun rehersals we had our very first show show called "Glasgow Meets Broadway". A Singing and Dancing Cabaret night at Springfield Cambridge Church in Bishopbriggs. 

December 2018

 Andrew and Samantha attended Tesco in Rutherglen for a 4hr Bag Packing Slot. They raised over £100 and this went towards the Theatre Group

March 2019

We began rehersals for our next show.
"Summer Showcase and Aladdin the Pantomime"
At our brand home Clyde Community Hall in Ibrox, Glasgow. Rehersals lasted for 4 Months and were a fun experience to learn a script and some dances within just a few months. 

July 2019

Our Mini First Pantomime  Aladdin was held on Monday 24th of July 2019 at the Clyde Community Hall in Glasgow. 
It was a fantastic evening that was enjoyed by everyone who attended. 

December 2019

In December we held a few weeks worth of rehersals and then we had a fantastic Evening at Tesco, Rutherglen. We Sang and Danced some Christmas Songs and this was a fantastic opertunity to entertain the local community / shoppers and we raised a fantastic £81.17

January 2020

In January we held Workshops and Auditions for our 2020 Christmas Pantomime "The Wizard of Oz" by James Barry. After the Auditions took place and the cast was chosen and we began rehersals. 

March 2020

In March the whole world changed when Covid-19 was found and this affected our group as well as many others by forcing us to suspend our services until further notice. Our rehersal venue closed and we then started to hold a few online workshops for our members via Facebook. 

April 2020

In April we decided to hold rehersals online and perform our first ever online Pantomime "Cinderella Selfie" Each member filmed there own lines in costumes at home and the whole Panto was editied by Andrew McVie within a few short weeks.
Click Here to watch our Panto via YouTube.

December 2020

Becasue our main show rehersals got supended in March we were unable to hold our first big scale production in December. Instead we once again performed an online mini Pantomime called "The Lockdown Pantomime". We rehearsed this via Zoom and then cast performed there lines and recorded them at home. This was edited by Andrew McVie and was published on our YouTube Channel the day our First Pantomime should of been performed. Click here to watch our Panto. 

May 2021

We received an email on Monday 10th May regarding some very exciting news from Prestige Awards Sccotland. Andrew our director called the Awards to confirm what the news was and was told that we had officially won
"Theatre Group of the Year" for 2021 / 22. We are all very excited to hear this news. This award has been a real boost of confidance for our group.